The Firm of Enoh & Partners (hereinafter referred to as “The Firm”) is a suitably registered business entity and duly recognized by the General Legal Council of Sierra Leone and the Sierra Leone Bar Association. The business of the Firm is legal services and business consultancies and other related areas.

The Firm is strategically located at No.20A Ascension Town Road, Freetown in the Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone. This central location of the Firm gives it easy access to all the institutions necessary for the discharge its duties to its invaluable clientele.

The Firm comprises of refined and distinguished ladies and gentlemen who are well endowed in the laws and other related thematic areas which place them in the most vantage position to better serve their clients.

The Firm prides itself as a bilingual law chambers in the English and French languages and with a fair mastery of the legal system in at least two other countries in the sub-region.

The Firm offers, but not limited to the following:

  • Legal Representation (Defends & Prosecutes)
  • Investigation
  • Opinion Writing and Advice
  • Media Law Consultancy
  • Environmental Law Consultancy
  • Floating and Registration of Companies/Business Entities
  • Company Secretaries
  • Drafting of Legal Instruments
  • Law Reform Advocacy 
  • Legal Research Consultancy


The Firm vaunts of its experience in the following areas:

Legal Research: This forms an integral feature of any successful legal practice. It exposes the practitioners to new concepts and practices.  This is why Solicitors at Enoh & Partners put research at the center of their practice and give in quality time and resources to research. Our Solicitors have vast experience in legal research and that continues to aid a successful legal practice.  The Firm engages in research both within and outside the office. The Firm possesses 24hour internet facility in every office of the chambers which facilitates online legal research. It also conducts research manually by visiting relevant libraries, court registries, bookshops, media houses, government printing press, correctional centers etc. At Enoh and Partners, legal research makes the practice much easier.

Proffering Legal Opinion and Advice: With enviable experience of its solicitors ranging from legal practice in the media, environmental, legal aid, gender, banking, employment, rule of law to child advocacy etc. It proffers informed legal opinion to media houses, companies, government establishments and organizations as and when they come.  Such opinions have prevented the Firm’s clients from pecuniary losses, conflicts of interest, liquidation/dissolution and litigations.

Enoh & Partners believes that litigation is not the only way out to settling disputes.

Experience in practice has taught the Firm that settling disputes out of court saves time and resources both for the client and the Firm.  As such, the Firm proffers legal advice to its clients and inform them of their chances of success or otherwise. It weighs the strengths and weaknesses accordingly.  Where it is necessary to proceed to court/trial it does so with passion in order to give the best of representation to its client.

Drafting of Legal Instruments, Bills and Cabinet Papers: Drafting is an art. The Firm brags of the mastery of that art.  The Firm drafts with precision, all kinds of legal instruments, documents, bills and cabinet papers.  Research and practice over time have helped the Firm a lot in mastering the art of drafting. 


Solicitors at Enoh and Partners have a vast knowledge of the Sierra Leone judicial and legal system and its procedures.  They also have knowledge of the legal system of other common law jurisdictions.  They possess an enviable knowledge of the defamatory laws (libel and slander), Intellectual Property Law, Employment/Labour law of Sierra Leone and the requisite international human rights standards with regard to these laws. This therefore makes the firm a unique point of contact for such matters.

The Firm is experienced in serving as Chartered Secretary for companies. By this, the Firm provides company administration services on chartered basis. These may include amongst other things, the filing of Annual Returns at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on behalf of the company.

Communication: Solicitors of the Firm boast of excellent communication skills (both oral and written) and can make PowerPoint presentations at conferences, workshops/seminars with ease clearly forming and defending positions.


The central location of the Firm facilitates its access to a very good internet services. 

The Firm plays host to latest books, statutes, law reports, case laws, orders and judgments to make its practice efficient and effective. It works with well developed and reviewed work plans that guides what it does.  The Firm operates with an internal Peer-Review system that allows every practitioner to have an opinion in the work of other colleagues.  This is crowned by a clear line of reporting from both legal assistants to legal practitioners to the head of chambers.

At Enoh and Partners, your interest is our business.

Enoh & Partners